A Tribe to Empower Men

Join us to connect with like-minded men and build your sexual, physical, mental, & spiritual health.

Inner Circle is your tribe of brothers.

Holistic Alpha exists to empower men to fuel their lives and ignite their fire, from the inside out.

With Holistic Alpha Inner Circle, we now come together as a tribe like never before

Too often, men fight battles alone. While many men face similar challenges, they often do it alone in their own head.

On countless coaching calls, I've heard something similar to: "you're the first person I've talked to about this."

Though it's only one important area, this is especially true when it comes to sexual health! Porn addiction, erections, stamina, edging, semen retention, sexual energy and transmutation... most men have nobody else in their corner who's on a similar path with similar goals.


It's time for us to come together as a tribe. Together with your brothers, you will:

  • Ignite and deepen your sexual health
  • Strengthen and solidify your physical health and body
  • Build your discipline
  • Develop more presence and awareness
  • Boost your hormones
  • Hone your inner world
  • Light up your life force, your creativity, and your power


You can continue to go it alone. You can fly solo. It might not be easy but it can work.

- OR - 

You can join our tribe. You can be supported and encouraged. You can learn from me and other men. You can contribute to other men's growth.

Listen, we both know you'll be stronger and better when you're part of a tribe.

Join us in Inner Circle.

Inner Circle is a private membership community plus group coaching. With Inner Circle, you will:

  • Get exclusive access to the Inner Circle platform... our own social community network of like-minded men
  • Get support from me - I'm in Inner Circle every day!
  • Exclusive access to live training 2x per month from me, and other content for Inner Circle members only.
  • Have a place to ask questions, find accountability, and share your own experiences
  • Connect with like-minded men... be part of a brotherhood, building and growing together. 
  • Easily access the Inner Circle community on the iOS app, Android app, or web.

With the support of a tribe of brothers, you'll go farther... faster... with more power and joy along the way.

Join us today.

We are live now, and loving the Inner Circle community. I know you will love it too.


Inner Circle membership is monthly, or yearly if you'd like to save some cash.

As our community grows, the monthly subscription will increase. Since you are part of the group of founding members, you have the opportunity to join Inner Circle for a lower price than anyone will be able to again.

Right now, the Founder's Special for Inner Circle access is $17 per month, or $170 per year. 

Prices go up on October 1, 2022... and nobody will ever pay this low of a membership rate again.

Grab your spot in Inner Circle today, and you will lock in the lowest possible price of $17 per month FOREVER, as long as you keep your membership active. 

So... that's about the same price as a Netflix subscription. Netflix won't change your life (for the better lol)... Inner Circle will.

Now is the time.

I very much look forward to seeing you inside. Welcome to the tribe, brother!

Steven Mathis
Founder of Holistic Alpha


Q: "I'm xx years old...is Inner Circle right for me"?
A: YES. If you're a man desiring to grow, it's right for you.

Q: Is there a long term commitment?
A: No. Cancel your membership at any time. Please note that by cancelling your membership you'd lose your Founder's Special pricing.

Q: How do I access the benefits of the Inner Circle community?
A: Sign up, then use either the IOS app, Android app, or web app. All platforms work beautifully and easily.

Q: Is this only for men?
A: Yes.

Q: I have other questions!
A: Email me: [email protected]


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